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The impact of work-family conflict on families

Did you know that when parents struggle to manage work and family responsibilities, their relationship with their partner and children can be negatively affected?

I have always been fascinated by the ways that parenting styles and home environment can impact on children and their mental health. One contemporary concept, which is not uncommon in today’s modern world, relates to parents difficulties in managing work and home responsibilities (referred to as work-family conflict). How far do you think this struggle can go in impacting family functioning and children? Well, I answered this question by analysing a large dataset including Australian parents and their children over 10 years, and I found that it had long-term negative impacts. When parents struggle to manage work and family responsibilities, they are more likely to have negative interactions with their partner and children; and consequently, their children are more likely to develop behavioural problems including anxiety, depression and aggression.

So, what can we do to avoid such long-term negative impacts? In fact, not working or not having a child is not going to work! Therapists and practitioners can assist parents in developing management strategies, efficient parenting styles, and conflict-resolution techniques. In additions, employers need to be informed and encouraged to promote flexible and family-friendly work environments and policies.

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Author: Dr Andisheh Vahedi
Consent to publish on this site was obtained on 28/03/2022
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