Bring Your Inner Child home

In trauma, your Inner Child is often frozen in time, and continues to hold the burden of the pain you encountered a long time ago. Most often than not, you will try all sorts of distraction techniques, or coping mechanisms to dissociate from the pain of your Inner Child. These survival techniques help you avoid or cope with your trauma, or adapt to the expectations of your attachment figures, for the sake of attachment maintenance. Dissociation from the pain of your Inner Child is an adaptive response to danger and/or attachment inadequacies, that manages emotional pain, regulates arousal, and helps you cope with other difficulties. Dissociation however, leads to creation of lost children in grown bodies, waiting to be rescued, saved, accepted and understood. If their needs are not met, it leads to dysregulation and misalignment of the nerves system. One of the most profound treatments in therapy that help you find healing, is about finding ways to accept, understand and work with your most vulnerable parts. This short Inner Child Meditation by Dr Nicole LePera invites you to search for your most vulnerable part and guides your Adult Self in every step of the way to recognise your Inner Child’s needs and to finally bring them home, to the “Here and Now”.

Arts and Parts

The Guest House by Rumi – This being human is a guest house.Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness,some momentary awareness

Practice sitting in the Centre

Therapists, more often than not, talk about accessing Core Self Energy with clients, and encourage them to simply “sit”, “observe” or play a “witness” role