Incorporating Parts Work with Art Therapy

In this blog, I have the privilege to share with you, the personal journey of a well-being seeker and an Art Therapy advocate, Mr. A. L. who has been a true inspiration to my work and has taught me that even though mental health is a constant battle, that integration and wellbeing is possible.

Mr. A. L. has incorporated the Internal Family Systems’ modality with Art Therapy in his personal journey towards healing and recovery.

Following is Mr. A. L.’s personal reflections on his art and recovery journey in his handwriting.

Consent to publish on this website was obtained on 31/10/2022.

Pre-colour sketches with no real sense of self.
Slowly, colour was introduced. This raised tension and felt uncomfortable at first.
As time passed, more colours were introduced.
As time went by, Mr A. L. felt more comfortable with colour, this time experimenting using bright colours and paint.
Slowly and gradually, each colour started to represent a “part” within him that he learnt about in counselling sessions.
As counselling progressed, new parts were identified and new colours were added to his paintings. Orange that represented a newly found passion for Art Therapy, as observed in the above picture, with the “protector” (a very strong part of him) as black in the middle.

Paintings slowly made room for more parts that were still unknown to him. “White” represents the unknown that Mr. A. L. is keen to find out more about during counselling and through psychological assessments.

Arts and Parts

The Guest House by Rumi – This being human is a guest house.Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness,some momentary awareness